Will the Real God stand UP

Belief and God

Do you ever think about why you believe in God or why you believe He is the real deal? We should know what validates our belief in God and what we believe proves His existence. Faith is part of this belief, but faith should not be blind acceptance. We should know why we believe what we believe. Belief, faith, knowledge, understanding, truth, guilt, acceptance, redemption, experience, inner soul cleansing and Spirit enlivening, spiritual transformation and renewal are part of this scenario.

There are a thousand and one reasons why I believe God is real.

I see God’s presence in the physical realm, the miracle of our bodies—their complexities—the depth we experience in our human souls are like strands in a braid, three areas weaving into one being within the confines of mind, body, and spirit intermixing—a mighty yet vulnerable natural human self with a spiritual supernatural relation with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. That the human is made to desire more, and more, is another proof of a divine creating.

I observe the replicating work of God.

When one looks closely, they see brilliance in the way biological systems reproduce and follow lines of genetic design—the beauty and specificity, both intricate and complicated, and utterly amazing in magnificence and exquisite detail. I understand my frailty in contrast to God’s invincibility—He does what we cannot even conceive of doing. Those who look can see a soul set free of their human confines as they grasp onto the eternal Godhead, the tri-part God at work in the human life and earthly kingdom. They personalize it when they discover what life and living is about in the deeper sense of spiritual fullness and joy.

Most of all, the reason I believe in God is through His Word, His Truth, and His Life.

God’s living being is accessible when there is belief, but it is known and loved, when there is vital relationship. Pondering God and the things of God without limiting factors or human made constraints (rigid religiosity of belief, non-belief or unbelief) is the beginning of something rich and real that explodes internally when it is sought after. Looking at other people and their religious belief is the wrong view; they may be far off the mark.

Finding God on our own is the right view, and then it becomes personal.

What God touches has softness about it. God loving makes all things new. Harshness is not of God. Holiness is of God. God is no fool. What some might consider harsh, is an intention that honors purity and regard for that which speaks to God’s holiness and righteousness. Strength, courage, and hope are indicative of God and are traits His true followers possess when their focus is truly centered on and in God.

To see God, we must be open to seeing Him.

We live in an imperfect world. The reason people of faith disregard the possibility of a unloving God, who is unjust or unkind is because they know God is love and all He does is just. All areas of life retain structure. God cannot be something He is not. He always acts in character. Those who take the time and energy to know God in a personal way will be much changed. Their hearts are molded into God-likeness. Those who choose to disregard this truth will not understand what I am writing. They may believe the suffering is God’s fault. The pain in this world is not God’s fault. It is part of living in a fallen world.

Human suffering is part of living in a fallen, God-starved, world.

God does have a standard. Once we have a better grasp of who God is, the sooner we will see our way in making this world a better and safer world. We will also want to please God with the way we live our lives. God has made us to participate in close relationship with Him. Responsibility comes with this. His ways are supernaturally empowered. And it is a natural process. We won’t be trying to protect self or acting out of our fleshly state, we will be acting to promote peace in our world and in our human relationships.

“Peace on earth, good will toward men,” the angel’s sang.

The only good in this world comes from God. Without God there wouldn’t be any goodness, instead there would only be selfishness and ungodliness. The thing would implode for lack of righteousness and goodness. Goodness is a reflection of God’s nature and it makes everything better once one can see it.

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N. L. Brumbaugh likes to write contemplative thoughts about authentic spiritual living. A lot of heart goes into every one of her posts. She is a mix of reading specialist, country woman, writer, church leader, and storyteller. Norma loves creative artistry and celebrating life.