Life and Rain

The rain falls and we are grateful.

Rain refreshes the earth with its blessedness.

When it pours down rain, we run for cover. When troubles pour down, we look for a way of escape. Some find the help they need in God.

The drought in California has made us appreciative of every droplet of moisture that is received. We treat rain as a precious commodity … and it is.

Lack of rain stops us all in our tracks. Abundance of rain comes with the storm cloud. Both speak to us of forces beyond our control.

The rain falls and we are grateful.

Rain is a Gift

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N. L. Brumbaugh likes to write contemplative thoughts about authentic spiritual living. A lot of heart goes into every one of her posts. She is a mix of reading specialist, country woman, writer, church leader, and storyteller. Norma loves creative artistry and celebrating life.