To My Son: A Letter about Life

A Mother’s Heart

My son was visiting me a few years back when we began talking about life, God, and how the two intersect. We were open with each other as we delved in and considered the “whys” of personal belief. We discussed the meaning of life and how it ties to one’s perspective of God, the spiritual–or lack thereof–and the philosophical.

As a followup, I decided to write Son 2 an email letter about my hopes and desires for his life, especially on the spiritual side, and the meaning I derive from this. I wished to challenge him in new ways and to give him something more to contemplate.

I hoped my son would grasp the delightful knowledge that belief, Christianity, and God in one’s life, can be vital, rich, and much, much more than most Christian people know it to be. God is life-giving when he is accessed in open and tender, real relationship.

I share my letter to my son here on my blog for the same reason: to encourage you in your faith walk.

Letter to a Son

My Son,

What would I have my son to be? I would have God to be real to you.

I would have you get away from all that seems meaningful for a moment in order to have an honest and open conversation with God.

I would have you reevaluate the important, the very most important, values in your life. These tie in to your beliefs, why you do what you do.

I would have you to not run, if this is any part of the equation. People often do this when life gets complicated.

I would have you thank God for every grace he has given you and praise him for his mighty work on your behalf.

I would have you humble yourself in the sight of the Lord, to give up the right to your life. This comes first.

I would have you to be everything you are, my beloved child, and everything God wants you to be, as his beloved child.

I would have you to live in freedom. Life, real God-life, has an energy force all of its own. Few Christians seem to tap into it. They live unfulfilled lives of so-so Christian living, far short of the life God offers them.

I wish for you, that you will and can partake of the great flowing grace of God. He must be the focus or it will be a wasted effort.

Most of all, I wish for you to fall in love with the Savior. He loves you so very much.

I love you,


My son was appreciative. This sparked additional two-way conversations.