Will the Real God stand UP

Belief and God

Do you ever think about why you believe in God or why you believe He is the real deal? We should know what validates our belief in God and what we believe proves His existence. Faith is part of this belief, but faith should not be blind acceptance. We should know why we believe what we believe. Belief, faith, knowledge, understanding, truth, guilt, acceptance, redemption, experience, inner soul cleansing and Spirit enlivening, spiritual transformation and renewal are part of this scenario.

There are a thousand and one reasons why I believe God is real.

Does God Matter? Why?

As a contemplative person, I like to consider many issues.  I like to ask myself “why?” On my non-contemplative side, I like to ask myself “what?” When bad things happen to me, I no longer ask why they are happening. I have found that to be useless. It doesn’t ever get answered unless it’s a result of my own actions. It is funny how we always want to know why. We are quick to assimilate an opinion, which we then form into an answer as an explanation for why the thing happened.

My post on a “God-thing” is subjective in that way.

I assume something is a “God Thing” because I ask God to answer the prayer and the way it comes to fruition is not of my doing, or He apparently goes before me or others in a specific situation. I believe they are from God.

The Saving of a Soul

Salvation of a soul is a topic of great spiritual meaning for all people. Yet it is little understood. To understand the gospel it takes a measure of belief, and it takes an even greater understanding of God Himself. Our soul is where the action takes place. One must acknowledge there is a soul in the human being. The soul is the part of us that understands concepts of right and wrong, love and hope, goodness and faith, spiritual and transcendent, of deeper meaning or devoid of meaning. For those who have journeyed into the spiritual realm and have an understanding of God, the soul and its condition is a critical consideration that means everything as we come to the end of life’s journey. It also has great meaning in our earthly days as to how we will live and whether we will follow the Savior.

As a people we are confronted with the cross upon which Jesus died.  Even though it sounds counter intuitive, the cross exemplifies life, not death. Without the cross there would be no soul-life and no Christ following, no faith-living and no anything in our spiritual journey. We are a needy people. Christ came to satisfy that need. The need was for cleansing of our sins, healing of our souls, redeeming of our soul-life, and the restoring of our lost and disconnected relationship with Father God. Parents often want good gifts for their children but that good gift may be something to be enjoyed in their future, something they cannot access now because of their immaturity. God, as well, through the death, burial, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ, gave us the best gift possible to receive, by preparing a way for us to God through accessing His healing grace for our wounded and lost souls. The truth is, we didn’t know we were lost until the light of Jesus revealed the truth to us.

We learned that Christ is real, and He is the way to life and peace.

Christianity at Odds in a “Post-Truth” World

The viewpoint of the world towards historical tenants of Christian faith is rapidly changing in its beliefs. Anger is rising. Anger toward Christian belief with its commonly held core fundamentals and values is exploding in a variety of forms. On social media, the anger is rampant and venomous. Not only that, but Christians are raging at other Christians. You don’t have to look far to see this social trend. People are very connected to their feelings and opinions.

I spent the evening reading a variety of comments directed against Christians and Christianity. Writers said comments like, the teaching of original sin is abusive. The Nones are quite vocal and take Christians to the task. They have strong feelings and opinions. Some rage against Christian beliefs. Sad to say, some Christians rage back. A quiet, reasoned approach is disregarded or attacked. People do not want reason or explanations. Ugliness is surfacing. All stripes are delivering their hateful vendettas. In the mix are Christians-turned-atheists, former evangelists, former pastors, former theologians, and former home-schooled adults with claims of being victims in their childhoods when raised in conservative, religious homes. They are celebrating their freedom. Sometimes I wonder what that freedom looks like, yet they are excited and pumped by their new, religion-free lives.

Within Christian religious groups there also is a growing schism. Bible principles are morphing according to various interpretations (and by societal cultural shifts). Current views on morality and alternate life styles are dividing the church into two distinct camps. I read with interest the debate going on in the Catholic church about these things, especially with Pope Francis in the lead. I see a similar dynamic in Protestant churches. Many Christians have distanced themselves from the teachings related to the cross. Where is Christ in all of this? Much blood has been spilt because of the cross. Those who died as martyrs understood the importance of the cross.