A Spiritual Intervention (Revisit)

In our fast-paced society, it is easy to ignore the internal self, our spiritual side. But that is not wise for any of us. This series posts that I wrote a couple of years ago, are highlighted to direct our attention to a very important aspect of our beings. We are not just flesh and blood, mind and matter. We are also spiritual. That part of us is what makes us want to contribute something of value to life, even if we don’t acknowledge a heavenly Father.

blog God's Pain Pill 10These posts are written primarily for the Christian believer, however, I assume they might be interesting to anyone who is searching for truth and meaning. They may have something for you if you care about important matters including your spiritual side. But keep in mind that I am writing for the person who already has established a spiritual walk with God.

I see a common problem across the board in Christian circles. They’re too satisfied; and, they don’t deal with their stuff.

God, Us, and a Life-Changing Choice, A Spiritual Intervention (Intro)

God’s Pain Pill: A Holy Intervention: Connecting with God in Real Life

blog god's pain pill


This series of blogs offer a practical look into specific ways we can access God. We step up to the plate through a careful inward look that reflects the mirror of God into our soul and opens us up to His power of transformation. It has practical application steps to help facilitate meaningful spiritual change for the inner person. The text is Matthew 11:28-30. I’m excited about this book’s potential to help free people who are stuck in their (hidden) pain. It contains the steps God used to free me. I have used these concepts as a spiritual guide with the women in my church.

Stuck or in Denial? Deal with It.

The words of the wise are like goads, their collected sayings like firmly embedded nails–given by one Shepherd.   Ecclesiastes 12:11. NIV

We’ve all had experiences that were traumatic. Some of these have altered our lives in significant ways. Our response to the trauma is significant. We will go through a host of different emotions as we deal with it as best we can. Sometimes we may even find ourselves side-lined for a few days, months or even years as we seek to cope with our issue. It takes time, and lots of it.

I have a friend who chooses to never look back. The bad happens and he keeps on going. I happen to be on the opposite side. The bad happens and I get stuck in it. Both are ways of coping with pain but neither is life-giving to our souls. To nurture health in ourselves and in our souls we must find a way to sort through the present reality and also our troubles from our past reality. Why? That we might learn and also become aware of that which builds up and that which destroys, what is true and what is not, and so we won’t make the same mistake twice or make a wrong conclusion about something or someone and our part in it.

Accessing and Applying God’s Word, A Spiritual Intervention (25)

Time for a final application activity, also known as homework. Are you still with me? Things worth doing usually involve some hard work and lots of processing. This is no exception. Let me know if you have any breakthroughs in your spiritual life. We can celebrate together.

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