Seek, Listen and Trust: Life Journey no. 12

She Trusted God

When You Seek God You will Find Him

My friend and I were talking about our pasts when she said something surprising. She said she could identify exactly when she learned to trust God.  She and I have been friends since we were in fifth and sixth grades, respectively.  I was more than remotely curious.

What happened?” I asked. Her answer took the conversation back to our teenage years. She was a senior in high school looking into different Christian colleges. She asked our pastor to write some letters of reference for her. He stated that he wasn’t going to fill out multiple references, she would have to select a college and then he would write one reference for her.

Pressure was on, which college was the right one for her? My friend’s prayers became more in earnest. She believed that God was leading her to a baptist college in Michigan, quite far from home for a California girl.  Her financial means were limited. To be honest, she shouldn’t have even been considering private college.  There wasn’t any money for it.

As she prayed and put it out on the table, she began to discern God’s will. It was like a knowing. She knew where God wanted her to go. Michigan, it would be. God assured her, he could be trusted for the rest: for the train fare to get there, for tuition, room and board, and enough money for the incidentals. She trusted him. God honored her faith. Problem by problem–each need was met.

My friend lived by faith. She also worked at the college. Interestingly enough, it was not the college she would have picked. Her Christian friends were at another college in Oregon (me included, the college where I was attending, a sister school to hers). We were on the west coast, but God had other plans for her.

“Why do you suppose God had you go there?” I asked. She answered immediately and didn’t even have to think about it, “So I would learn to trust Him at a young age.” Her life has been that way, too. She has lived the life of a globe trotter, teaching in different Christian schools or mission-based teaching opportunities in foreign countries (where you have to raise your own support) and as a school teacher in the States, some on the west coast and some on the east coast.

My friend’s life has been one of dependence on God. What an example to all of us. A challenging unknown obstacle takes us to the throne of grace, to God, to find the right answer.  Some are life-changing. Like my son. He returned to civilian living and asked me to join him in prayer for his next step. He said he wanted to follow God’s leading and didn’t want to act independent of God’s will. It worked out. He now has employment he is well-suited for.

It takes a special type of seeking. We pray, not my will but Thine be done. Indeed, that part of the Lord’s Prayer is apropos for every human being. There is a greater purpose than we can see in our humanness, something that God desires to accomplish in our lives.

The tricky part about seeking God’s direction is that we cannot dictate the outcome. A good way to frame the question while seeking God for direction is to pray this phrase, “Show me.”  Show me, means you ask God to show you the right course and then trust him to lead you to its accomplishment. “Show me” is said in the anticipation that God will act, and said with the expectation that you will know what you must do when the time comes.

You must listen for his still small voice. For our part, we should continually bring it to mind. God confirms his answers in ways that hold true. He shows us through his word, godly people, and with a peaceful quiet knowing.

God is in the driver’s seat and we are not. It is imperative to be living in a tight relationship with God in order to know his will and plan. Seeking God to open the door will require of you to maintain open and honest lines of communication with him. Don’t hide, pretend, or excuse any missteps or misdeeds. Repent, seek, join, and find wisdom. These will guide your spiritual conversation.

Active seeking of God is a prayer that delights God. God wants us to seek him. Those who seek God will find. God eagerly awaits our trust in him and our willingness to openly receive his love. There is an energy that this creates. This energy, through us, then allows godly love to flow freely to others.

God fulfills his part of this equation. You can be like my friend and trust God for the answers to the difficult questions. Trust God to lead you according to his will and divine purpose.

My Friend, Seeking is a commitment to finding. Dictatorial or insincere requests lie dormant. Those kind of prayer requests indicate hesitation or lack of earnest participation in the process. We cannot be tire-kickers with God. Be all in, but be careful to follow God and not lead with your desires or wishes. Playing games with God is disingenuous. Remove anything false. Embrace real and living faith. Ask for greater faith if it is in short supply. The truth will set you free. It works that way. Honestly, it does.

Action Steps

  • Seek God. Be honest with him. Tell him where you are weak or questioning.
  • Start listening as you read his Word. Write down your thoughts.
  • Pay attention to words that stand out. Ask for deeper understanding. Then actively listen.

Dear Father God, I want to know you better. Show me who you are and help me trust you. Reveal your will in a way that I can understand. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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