Mother’s Day

The Power of a Mother’s Prayers.

Saint Augustine and the man he would become, was the direct result of his mother’s persistent and multiplied prayers. Monica was vigilant in advocating for her son through daily prayers.

Never give up. As a youth, Augustine was influenced by the rhetoric and cults of the day. His mother, much concerned, sought audience with God. He gave her audience. Her son converted.

Hudson Taylor’s spiritual life of Christian service was a direct result of his mother’s prayers. She sought a time of prayerful retreat on her son’s behalf in order to pray in supplication to God.

Hannah prayed in anguish of heart for a son, one who was promised in service to God. And what was God’s answer to her? Samuel was born. Samuel would become the last prophet of Israel.

Throughout the centuries mothers have impacted the world through their fervent prayers. Never discount the power of a heart-felt, on-going prayer plea, to change lives, families, and the world.

Sincerity is imperative. A Christian mother or father has an awesome opportunity. Their prayers and your pleadings knock on heaven’s door and are precious to our heavenly Father.

A teenage girl was missing. Her mother vowed to never leave her house until her daughter was found. The mother did this in order to devote herself to constant and vigilant prayer for her child.

A year later the girl was rescued from where her captor held her captive in the attic of a church. The girl was not abused and was unharmed. I believe in the power of a mother’s prayers.

With this writing I send greetings and blessings to all mothers, including my own mother, who pray faithfully and sacrifice willingly for their children. May you know much joy and happiness.

Happy Mother’s Day!

With my mother and grandmother, LaVonne and Forrest, in Greenville, CA for a Mother’s Day luncheon in 1990.

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