Praise Uplifts the Mood

Hope has its Reasons

Hope has its reasons. My heart hurts for those whose hope has dimmed.

I have seen the face of sadness this week. I saw it in a loved one who is no longer able to live alone. I saw it in others bearing heavy burdens.

Sing to the Lord. Praise His holy name.

Shout to the Lord! Let the earth and all its inhabitants rejoice.

Look unto the hills from whence cometh your help, your help comes from the Lord.

Let the goodness of God radiate in beams of sunshine and splashes of joy. Let delight lift your spirits and rekindle the flame of love within you.

Hope has its reasons. Never give up. Always believe.


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N. L. Brumbaugh likes to write contemplative thoughts about authentic spiritual living. A lot of heart goes into every one of her posts. She is a mix of reading specialist, country woman, writer, church leader, and storyteller. Norma loves creative artistry and celebrating life.