LITTLE BLUE AND LITTLE YELLOW (HarperCollins Reprint 1995, 1959)

Little Blue and Little Yellow is a delightful children’s book about two concepts, friendship and color mixing. The master storyteller, Leo Lionni, does it well. I don’t care what age you are, this little book delivers a warm, heartening message. We join Little Blue and Little Yellow as they are enjoying their friendship. Toward the end of their day of adventure, their colors accidentally get mixed. Oh no! They are no longer Little Blue and Little Yellow. They both are now Green! The illustrated images in this book are like pieces of colored paper in a collage. In this book’s simplicity we find a secret joy. It makes us think about friendship and family and what that means to us. This book was a yearly read in my classroom. I read it as a way to introduce a unit involving the color wheel. Every teacher of young children should have Little Blue and Little Yellow in their personal library for those quick-read fill-in times.

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