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MISSION: To share a clear vision of God.

MESSENGER: Norma L. Brumbaugh sees herself as a messenger. The message? Everyone can have a close relationship with God. A personal relationship that is meaningful and deep. God offers life to all who seek without pretense. God cares, loves, and heals. He transforms, enlivens, and redeems. He is freedom and life. She wants people to know– there is always hope.

EDUCATION:  Bachelor’s Degree:  1978 Western Baptist College. Graduate studies – 1979/1980 CSU Fullerton -Multiple Subjects Credential studies, 1993/1994 – CSU Chico, Multicultural Certificate studies, 2003/2004 – CSU Chico, Reading and Language Arts Resource Credential studies.

PROFESSIONAL: K-8 Teacher and Reading Specialist: Norma taught as a general education teacher and later as a reading intervention specialist. She has teaching experience in both private and public school education. She was part of the leadership team for her school site and district. In June of 2012, Norma left teaching to pursue writing and ministry. She considers this her calling.

ORCHARDIST: Walnut Farming: On the side, Norma farms a 22 acre walnut orchard for her father. She has been farming since 1996.

AUTHOR/WRITER: Books and Blogs: In 2012, Norma wrote her first book, The Meeting Place: Moments with God at Lookout Point.  She is devoted to sharing her faith with others through writing and speaking venues. For her church, she has written several Christmas plays and spiritual essays for holiday themes and special services. Three books are in process. They are in the religious/spiritual genre.

MINISTRY: Church, Speaking, Leading: Norma L. Brumbaugh has served in her local church for over twenty years. She has worn many hats, most of them in areas of teaching and leading. Her delight in a good story blends with her penchant for storytelling, a natural gift she uses weekly. Her passion is to share the deeper concepts found in relationship with God. These have a distinct tie-in to the many obstacles in life that must be considered and overcome to get on the path to a healthier spirit life and a happier you. Norma also speaks for other church groups. She has been the speaker for women’s luncheons and retreats.

HOME: Norma makes her home in the northern California town of Chico, California.

FAMILY: She is the mother of four adult children and one teenager. She is a grandmother to four grandchildren. She has three siblings and their families, her parents, and cousins, all who mean a great deal to her.

CHURCH: Norma attends Vina Community Church where she is currently leading Women’s Ministry and teaching in AWANA.

PURPOSE: Norma L. Brumbaugh is a person who likes to think. For the last decade she has been on a mission to learn the deeper things of God. It has not come easy. It was a progression of deepening faith in response to God’s healing grace in her life. Through the fires of adversity,  Norma decided it was time to stake a claim toward a new beginning. She gave God access to her life in complete openness. She asked him to bring about healing or anything he wished to do in any way he desired to do it.  Her purpose is to share how God changes, heals, and restores wounded people.

PROMISE: Norma made a promise to God that she would use what God would teach her to help the silent suffering in the church. The years that followed were a time of sitting at God’s table and kneeling at his feet. Through a transforming process, she has come to know God in intimacy of relationship. Norma will share some of the insights she has learned that have made such an amazing difference in her life.

JOURNEY: For more details  about Norma’s history and spiritual journey go to the sidebar.  “About Me, This is my story.

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N. L. Brumbaugh likes to write contemplative thoughts about authentic spiritual living. A lot of heart goes into every one of her posts. She is a mix of reading specialist, country woman, writer, church leader, and storyteller. Norma loves creative artistry and celebrating life.

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