“Stay Beautiful” and Christian Lite

Christian Lite

There are times we need a little uplift.

A Short Story: “Stay Beautiful.”

The day was full of errands, a little of this and a little of that. So I’m entering a busy intersection and will have to stop at a lengthy red light. There he is again, I sigh, with an inescapable groan to myself. The same young man is on the same island, and I will be parked next to him for a few minutes. He knows how to do it well, panhandling with a smile — with a Chihuahua in his arms that has a cute neck-kerchief. I’m third in the row and have the car’s windows down due to my car’s AC being on the blitz.

He’s in his late twenties, has a great smile, black curly hair to his shoulders, black beard, and is dressed casual-messy. He chats with me a little and I mention his pet, he sees I’m not offering any cash but continues to converse with me until a pickup truck pulls up behind me. He smiles at me as he starts to leave and then says, “Stay beautiful” and down the line he goes.

He is friendlier than most, and I find myself smiling at the words he just said to me, “Stay beautiful.” I like them, of course they make me feel beautiful like I’m not in my sixties or in a car that is hotter than the blazes that makes me perspire. The words are like “Take care.” But they feel better to me. I have been down in the dumps and those two words lift my spirits.

A Story of Brokenness to Triumph

Personal Narrative

The Norma Brumbaugh Story: Installment 1

Written back in 2007:  I have only shared this writing once and that was with my Pastor. I wrote this lengthy narrative while contemplating whether to go public with my personal story for my church family. I wrote more than I would say when I did speak, but I decided to go the whole nine yards in the writing of my story.

I intend to share parts of my story here and there on my blog. I’ve not decided  exactly how much I will share with my readers. For the most part, it will be offered in its original state. I am choosing to not edit this writing (and that’s hard not to do!).


Will the Real God stand UP

Belief and God

Do you ever think about why you believe in God or why you believe He is the real deal? We should know what validates our belief in God and what we believe proves His existence. Faith is part of this belief, but faith should not be blind acceptance. We should know why we believe what we believe. Belief, faith, knowledge, understanding, truth, guilt, acceptance, redemption, experience, inner soul cleansing and Spirit enlivening, spiritual transformation and renewal are part of this scenario.

There are a thousand and one reasons why I believe God is real.