Spiritual Fidelity: Belief and Behavior Should Match

Belief and behavior should match.

When we desire God in fullness in our lives, there is an accompanying behavior piece. Expect this. The need to follow where God leads as He reveals the layers of who you are and the why and what in your life is significant. One must be graciously willing to move forward as God leads.

Purity of mind and purity of action go hand in hand.

Common today is a separation between belief and behavior. Many people do as they wish without regard for God’s ways. In your spiritual life it will not fly. Belief needs to lead behavior. Belief and behavior are synonymous as much as possible. They are not two compartments like I act one way at work and at play, and I act another way at church or during my devotional time. We either approach our spiritual life as a Christian Spiritual world view, or we approach our spiritual life with a secular world view, which adds on Christianity when it is convenient and feasible.

You Must Separate Your Thoughts from Your Feelings

God loves you and wants to free you from the chains that entangle your soul. It may be that all you do is worship God and stand in amazement before Him, praising Him and singing your gratitude. That, alone, will enrich your soul big time.

But sometimes, it is not so easy to go deep with God

There are times when you may be feeling down and discouraged, unable to even utter a peep. You have not the energy. Maybe you are grieving a loss. You may not speak one word. You don’t have to say anything. You are not alone, you just feel alone. But you still will want to reach out to God and rest in His presence.

Silent . Sacred . Space: The Secret Joy of Time Alone with God


Her eyes alight in awe as she gazes into the globe. It is magical, like a winter snow scene in Toyland. The coordinated moving parts of each tiny figure, delight her. The train, as it moves in a figure eight, blows it whistle and chugs its pattern. She follows its movement as she takes it all in: the falling snow, the street lights, the horse and carriage, a church with carolers in muffs, top hats, scarves and waist-coats and singing Christmas cheer. The scene is from a different era and it is enchanting. Her parents, watching her, smile with matching delight, transfixed with the beauty of the moment as they watch the child’s wonderment. The moment is surreal, precious, one to be remembered and cherished.

One could cry.

The child remains transfixed by the mesmerizing scene. Her childish thoughts take her to that place inside the glass sphere where all is peaceful and quaint. Like entering a Thomas Kinkade painting, she wishes she could step into its scene to play in the snow, sing carols with the carolers, sit in the white-steepled church, stroke the horse’s mane, look up at the street lamps, and feel snowflakes dampen her face. The girl’s long sandy-colored hair falls forward in gentle wisps, resting on the curved glass as she remains still. Her winter nightwear is cozy, warm, soft to the touch. It is evening now and bedtime for her, but she can’t bring herself to leave the spot where her feet are anchored; not now, not with the magic in the globe calling to her, beckoning her into its silent joy.

The Blessedness of ‘More’

Our Need for Silent (Secret) Sacred Space

Something is amiss. Some of us are adrift. We are working too hard at spiritual living. Some of us find ourselves dragging with the routine of it. Gains in our spiritual life are modest, if any. Discouragement besets us. Is this all there is? The thought plagues us like an unwelcome intruder.

Is this you?

In our confusion we find ourselves stuck and afraid or worse, bored and disengaged.  To admit this is to admit failure with our beliefs and what we claim to be true. We trudge on, thinking we are doing it right. Over time we become resigned to complacency. Our faith seems less relevant or less alive.  Sad to say, the condition of our inner person becomes static, routine and automatic.