Taking a Sabbatical

To my dear followers,

I will be taking a sabbatical from writing my blog starting today. It is yet to be determined how long I will be away. I’m fairly certain it will be at least two months.


I need to rework what I am offering here at A Contemplative Space. I enjoy writing posts and have found it easy to come up with content. Each one comes from my heart and its spiritual concepts are borne out of lessons I’ve learned in life. However, I realize I need to write content that engages readers and in a robust and applicable way.

It is necessary to rethink some of this, and I will be going to Father God for further direction and to seek Him for answers. He will guide me in a certain direction and lead me to where I need to go. I do know I am in need of refreshment and assurance. I continue on in this solo pilgrimage that is leading me in an ever-deepening understanding. Right now centering prayer is becoming a greater part of me. Prayer is truly one of the most astounding disciplines in the Christian life. Some day I wish to lead a prayer retreat, when the time is right. For four years this has been one of my wishes, but I’m not ready.

If you’ve enjoyed these posts or been challenged by them, you may still leave further comment or keep me in the loop about what is happening in your life. I am not sure how long I will be on sabbatical. In the near future I will be heading to Washington and then later to Colorado to see family, which factors in.

Pray for me, I need to be doing what God wants me to do. I may pop in here once in a while to keep you abreast of the happenings.

You are precious to God.

God’s best,