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I learn something more about writing every week. I like to share what I am learning with my readers and other writers. Writing is a constant learning curve for me. There is much to know in the craft of writing but one thing is for sure, a writer must stick to it and keep the flame burning. Much of my writing content pertains to the faith community, but the skill it takes to write well has universal rules that make up the craft. The following blog posts and book reviews chronicle my writing journey while at the same time offer helps to guide you in yours. Wishing you well on your writing journey.

2015 -2017: Book Reviews

2015: Blog Posts

2014: Blog Posts

Post Excerpts:

Ghostwriting: The Murphey Method


PURPLE COW: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable


How Writing is Like Teaching

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Is Writing a Sprint or a Marathon?

Resources You Need for Writing a Book

Writing is Passion and Message

Writing 101 for Wannabee Authors

Don’t Write Your Manifesto before Doing Your Homework

Learn the Craft then Begin the Book (you’ll be glad you did)

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