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Here I am writing in my tablet on my first visit to the Vina Monastery. This will become the first chapter of my second nonfiction book. You just never know how the journey will play out.

On occasion, I will be posting about my journey as a writer. I will share the tools I am learning and how I am developing my craft. It is an interesting pathway, much different than I imagined initially; one that I am teaching myself with the assistance of online classes.

Online courses are helpful. They  provide a community of skilled people, professionals in their field of expertise (niche), resources, materials, community, breadth of knowledge, and just about everything you can imagine except the kitchen sink. It has been a wildly fascinating endeavor, and I’ve met a lot of wonderful people (who’ve not met me, yet. I am the invisible person who asks a question once in awhile but mainly takes it all in).

I am still operating as a newbie blogger and author. My time is coming when what I write will impact people in a beneficial way. But until then? I persevere. Learning grammar isn’t my favorite nor proofreading, but progress is being made. Hey, I just think that what I am learning might as well help someone else with a hand up.

Good writing and marketing a book are much more complicated than thinking that says all I have to do is write my book some day (and that was big, too!). I write the book, and they’ll be lining up to buy it! Hah! Not so fast, tiger. It is a journey, and a fun one at that! Get on the bus. Let’s move forward. Hopefully, I can encourage you in your writing tasks.

Happy writing,


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