A Suicide is Painful for Everyone

Suicide affects many families including people of faith. No group is exempt for suicide seems to be no respecter of persons, religious beliefs, socioeconomic group, or gender. Many are dealing with the after effects of losing a family member to soon. We’re left to deal with broken hearts, painful loss, sadness, guilt, and dreams cut short.  Continued at bottom of page.

Articles related to my experience and suicide’s aftermath. Written in my sister’s memory.

Post Excerpts

In Memory of My Little Sis, Lois Faith Brumbaugh, 1960-1993

Suicide and the Christian Family (mine)

How to Respond After a Suicide

Remembering My Younger Sister, Lois F. Brumbaugh


Sorrow and Story: Life Journey 5

Suicide is not like other deaths.

I lost my beloved sister to suicide. She was much loved and had everything to live for. We didn’t know she was at an emotional low where despair and depression cause loss of hope and weariness with the on-going effort to live life. For a Christian family, the impact and devastation also caused confusion as we wrestled with belief and the ins and outs of why this happened in our good, loving family and as we contemplated what it all meant.

Because of my sister, Lois, I write about suicide, sadness, sorrow, pain, and suffering. I wish to inform and offer hope to anyone losing hope, who is depressed, despondent, and despairing of life. I also write for families with loved ones who are suffering. My family is private. My folks are scarred by my sister’s death. Our family will never feel complete even after all these years.

I write about my family’s loss and suicide simply to offer a ray of hope to those who need to know someone cares. Please, don’t do it. If you only knew there are people who want to help you and talk with you. Call a crisis line. Call a friend. Stay away from negative messages and dark music and dark movies. They will not help you.

I also offer a few resources to those who need them or are encouraged by them. I want to offer help and hope.

There is always hope.

Please share this page with anyone who is dealing with the painful reality of a suicide by a loved one. I hereby give you permission to print or forward this content on the condition it is attributed to me, its author, N. L. Brumbaugh. Thank you. May Lois’ story bring healing grace to others.

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