Hearts Being Healed


The large room filled with women of all ages. Groups of women sat in strings together, nonchalant and chatting. Some with tats running the length of their arms. Women in the large sanctuary were a cross section of womanhood. Most were in jeans and a few in dresses. Positive energy bounced person to person.

A handmade, bark-encrusted cross flanked the left side of the stage.

Unresolved Issues and a Young Woman

The Young Woman:

Immaculately dressed. Black tights, dress, scarf, well applied makeup. Soft, well groomed hair. Mid-twenties. Pretty and sweet. Kind and gentle of heart.

The young woman was a mess.

Her past and her present were crashing in upon her. She had been married a few months but now her mate had left. As I held her in my arms while she sobbed, I could feel her pain. It was raw. The young woman clung to me as if we had know each other for years, but we’d just met. I was asking God for the right words.

Divorce is Not the End

I couldn’t believe it, it couldn’t be true. Not their marriage, but it was their marriage. You could have knocked me over with a feather. Her husband left her after decades of marriage. As active, go-to people in their church, it did not seem possible.

A mutual friend told me.

I wondered how she was doing but didn’t know her well enough to inquire. I worried about her, because it is very hard to be left by a mate, and it is especially hard when you are active in the church.

How the Pro-Choice Agenda Failed Us: Abortion is Not the Answer

Right to Lifers are marching in Washington. They march because they are on a mission. The mission is to save babies, to save innocents, to save lives, to save baby Americans. Women and Men are marching to create awareness and to stir others to action, to stand, rather than be silent, because all lives matter, native American lives matter, black lives matter, white lives matter, unprotected vulnerable lives matter, babies with disabilities matter. They march because all babies deserve a chance at life and all should be insured the right to be born.

We as a nation are protecting a practice that flies in the face of who we are as human beings. The “right” to abort another human being defies our very right to exist. There is a reason we pledge these words …with liberty and justice for all. Let’s do right by all our children, even the unborn members of our civil society.

-This is an opinion piece-