A Story of Brokenness to Triumph

Personal Narrative

The Norma Brumbaugh Story: Installment 1

Written back in 2007:  I have only shared this writing once and that was with my Pastor. I wrote this lengthy narrative while contemplating whether to go public with my personal story for my church family. I wrote more than I would say when I did speak, but I decided to go the whole nine yards in the writing of my story.

I intend to share parts of my story here and there on my blog. I’ve not decided  exactly how much I will share with my readers. For the most part, it will be offered in its original state. I am choosing to not edit this writing (and that’s hard not to do!).


Why Jesus Christ is Not a Passing Fancy

Christ is the Answer

Christ is Good Medicine for the Soul

There are so many parts to Christianity, it’s almost mind boggling. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. Today I spent an hour writing in longhand an idea that’s been swirling in my head for a week now. I worked on it yesterday too. It’s called “Christian Light.” In it I seek to describe three areas of a Christian’s life, Christian Light being one of them. But it is incomplete. It seems impossible to capture it all. The thing is, there is always more to know, and more to write, and details to share, and stories to talk about.

Christianity is a fascinating subject.

The more you know about Christ and His place in history, the part He played and continues to play and the difference it makes, the more curious and exciting it gets. Christ is the biggest influencer EVER. He influences many of us every single day because we trust in Him, follow Him, and believe in Him. We also talk to Him on a frequent basis.

The Source of Spirit and Life

God gives us Spirit and Life.

Things of the Spirit have Life in them. Isn’t that interesting? If there is little life, then, more than likely, there is little influence by the Spirit. We speak life to people when we have Life active in us. Should the Life be muted for some reason, then there is little evidence of the Spirit at work in the person’s soul. There is a lack of enlivening (people need to stop making excuses for this).


A Ministering Angel in Human Form

BOOK: Country Wisdom for Heart and Soul

TWO BACK-TO-BACK SELECTIONS from a book about life and some of its precious moments. These two were written after a talk with a concierge at a care home I routinely visited in 2014. This single older woman spent time as a volunteer at a cancer wing of a hospital in the evenings after work . She recounted two stories to me that are dear to her. The second selection is one of them.


Her smile is beautiful.