The End, but Not the End, Conversations with Emily (23)

This marks the end of the conversations with Emily at this point in time. She and I continue to message back and forth every once in awhile. We will contact each other when one of us is needing some extra prayer or is struggling with some issue and just needs to talk.


“Emily” has shared parts of her story in three or more books, but she writes more from the helper angle, as I have in this series. I am hopeful that certain areas of her personal story and our open dialogue have resonated with you.

Emily and Me: The Conversation Continues (22)

Although “Emily”and I have developed a secure friendship and have covered many difficult subjects, her struggle to overcome continues to defeat her. Now she is writing about her life for another book, which, again, opens her up for memories that hurt and revisit her. The good thing is that she is talking about it with me rather than ignoring it or doing something harmful.


The conversation continues.

Emily Goes on a Date, Conversations with Emily (21)

Every day is a new slate that we fill in with things to do. My conversations with “Emily” were remarkable in and of themselves. I always enjoyed hearing from her. I can honestly say, I never got irritated with her and never felt over-taxed.


I still am thankful for the year we spent talking back and forth. We both learned from it.

Jesus with Skin On: Conversations with Emily (20)

We are nearing the end of my conversations with “Emily.” I will be posting only one or two more. I hope you have found our conversations informative and like a view behind the veil of a human soul. I also hope that you have not only found them interesting but that you have also learned from them.


I will always see assault and its aftermath differently because of my conversations with Emily. She put a face on it for me. Abuse robs people of a part of who they are and it makes a person more vulnerable than before. There will be barriers as defenses against that vulnerability.