Life is Beautiful

My family was at a wedding a week ago; all of my five kids, my grandchildren and me. Quite a feat. It was almost three years since we had all been together. What a joy for this mama.

Only one of my five is married and she is in the middle of it with teaching her kids and taking care of her family and two dogs. She’s a fantastic (exotic) cook, too! Her husband is a military man, and he’s the best! Then my sons. One is just out of the navy. One is in the tech field and one works as a truck driver for a trash company. All are hard workers and I’m pleased with their efforts to make their own way. My youngest is in college and works at a job in the video game field. When she and I visit a restaurant, park, or store in town, people come up to her and ask her questions. They recognize her and usually want some advice on this game or that. She seems to be noticed wherever we go. It’s quite the experience for me to see my youngest make her mark in the world.

I wish they all lived around here. Alas, they don’t.


Forgiveness comes when a right attitude toward the offense is present and we want to put it behind us. Saying the words I forgive you may mean little. It all depends. Are they insincere or heart-felt, meant to appease or meant as truth, are they false words or true words? True forgiveness has everything to do with the heart’s motivation, the mind’s attitude and the soul’s condition. Unfair, unkind, and unloving treatment from others is quite difficult to release, let alone, to forgive. Your mind has to work itself around the thought. Your heart is soon to follow.

Harbored bitterness and resentments form a catalyst. They create unhealthy bonds to that person or said event where one was wronged. These wounds result in an inability to live free. Unforgiveness is like being in bondage and never free from its damage. If there was abuse or mistreatment of some kind, it is extra hard to forgive the offender because the damage goes deep. A person might feel like they are letting the abuser off the hook by forgiving them. Actually, the person who benefits the most is the person who forgives. The other person may have no regrets.

With the act of forgiveness, it is yourself you must deal with because you own your own feelings, not their feelings. The body can begin to heal once the offender and offense have been released through forgiveness. What also leaves is the desire to avenge yourself, and the anger that has darkened your own soul. It is by confronting, letting go, and then giving it to God that one finds the capacity to release the hold that revenge, bitterness and hatred have harbored in you.

What I Learned from My Grandparents, Parents, & Children

I am thankful for family.

My Parents, late Grandparents, and my children mean the world to me. I am a blessed woman. My grandparents and parents, aunts and uncles, cousins and siblings collectively contributed to my life. You know when you are given a lot. I am in that category. Both sets of grandparents lived modest lives and they had similar values.

Family values are lived daily.

Ours was a family where you never heard a swear word, the adults rarely raised their voices, and alcohol and cigarettes were not part of the scene, neither was immodest dress or heavy make-up. Even greater than the outward expression of Christian beliefs and its matching lifestyle was the way the adults in my family lived out what they valued in the practical part of life. We were taught by example by all the key players in our lives. What they gave us was quality stuff.