Honesty is the Best Policy

  • Honesty is a value one appreciates in others.
  • Honesty between people builds a bond of trust. Honesty says, I can count on you to be straight with me, to tell me the truth when I ask it of you. In married life, honest, open conversation is not only critical to the health of the relationship, it is essential. This establishes trust in the relationship.
  • An honest person chooses to do the right thing even when deception or embellishment is a tempting option. It is noticed when “honesty is the best policy” is lived out in such a fluid way.
  • Parents, teachers, clergy, everyone becomes known by their doings. Spiritual people should be known for their honesty. This universal truth speaks of personal character and holy righteousness.
  • I met a woman who said that as a child she believed everyone always lied because all the adults in her life lied to her. That is, until she met a lady in my church who would not fib or lie. She watched closely and was surprised by what she saw. (Thank you, Ruthie, for being that person in her life)
  • She took notice. It eventually led to her coming to God and changing her life. She wanted to live a different sort of life than the one she had known and been raised with. Christian adults modeled this lifestyle in front of her and they demonstrated love to her. (Thank you, Don and Judy Quillen, for sharing love with needy children in the Awana program)
  • I appreciate the old fashioned virtue of being honest. It is like an anchor one can trust. Honest behavior gives credence and credibility to what we say. We build trustworthiness through our honest ways and our truthful acts that reinforce our personal integrity.
  • Honesty is the best policy.

How You are Like a Lilac Bloom

There’s Something About a Lilac Bloom

An analogy could be made about lilacs and life and how they fit together. You see, it takes many single lilac petals to form one lilac spray, and then those sprays multiply on branches and then collectively on bushes. There are many parts to the one whole, and they all individually serve as a compliment to one another for a shared purpose.

We as individuals can relate to their beauty and essence.

Our moments in life are much like a lilac bush in full bloom. How we relate as humans on a shared planet unites us in the big picture. We may feel insignificant, but that is not the case. Each individual petal makes a difference.

My 2016 in Review, the Happy Times

What were the bright spots in 2016? It’s good to look back and recall them. Set aside the hard parts for a few moments to concentrate on the blessings. I challenge you to review your activities and the insights you gained in the process.

Probably the highlight of the year for me was my trip to Whidbey Island in Washington State. I got to visit with relatives, spend time with my son and tour his navy base, ride a ferry, join up with dear friends, visit my sister’s gravesite in Stayton, Oregon, eat wonderful foods wherever I traveled, and experience the restoration of a broken friendship that I had prayed for a long eight years (the sorrow I reference in my book). This brought peace and relief to a dark spot in my heart and now I am free from its burden. Along the way, through northern Cal, Oregon, and Washington, I saw beautiful countryside and had glorious thoughts. A lot was packed into a short period of time.


It’s the Little Things: Key Phrases

Phrases that Pack a Punch

When a cashier says to me, ‘Thank you, Miss,’ I smile because at my age you usually hear ‘Thank you, Mam.’ The other day a white haired woman in front of me was asked, ‘Anything else, Miss?’ and I grinned. I told the young man that I liked it when he called her ‘Miss’ because it’s always nice to hear that at our age. He smiled back at me and said he likes to make people’s day. There’s something to be said for that sort of thing. I used ‘What’s wrong?’ with my daughter yesterday. It all spilled out, what was concerning her. Then she was back to normal.

Be Intentional with Your Words

It helps to have these phrases handy when you need them. People need the right words at the right time.