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A Life Transformed by God

We as people of faith sometimes lose our focus. This blog explores why it is so easy to let this happen, how we don’t have to live that way, and the joy of centering our faith in Christ. Living on the surface comes naturally. Living in deep relationship with God comes with focused intention like in the scriptural admonition to ask, seek, and knock.

How sweet it is.

My desire as a writer is to speak the truth in love and in ways that can be readily accessed. I see commonalities and speak with solutions I have experienced in my own spiritual walk. I wish all people of faith would access the deeper structure in their journey of faith. That is where the life is. God opens up for us a way to walk in radiance, which comes from staying close to the Source of all joy.

These blog writings touch on the relationship that awaits us in the spiritual realm, and the tools we need for living a spiritual life, one that is genuine in its core. A lot of what I write has to do with God and our relationship with Him. I desire to help others by sharing relevant ideas and carefully organized thoughts which will be of service to people as they grow in their personal walks and in their spiritual understandings.

My purpose is to help people improve their lives.

I strive to make this blog a resource for the gut-honest searcher of truth. There is so much that I would like to say. I have been on a path of spiritual enlightenment that is centered rock-solid in the arms of Jesus. He’s changed the conversation.

These writings reflect my passion for God.

I desire to unite created human beings with their Creator God in a loving interactive relationship. Relationship with God gives to us a supernatural quality of joy and peace above and beyond human comprehension.  God offers us life as we drink of His cup and to eat at His table. Those who drink of His living water shall never thirst again. They are satisfied for God has met our human need for restoration, purpose, forgiveness, love, contentment, significance and so much more.

Spiritual truth has the potential to enrich your life through its daily graces.

  • To know the Lord Jesus Christ for in Him truth is found.
  • To grow closer to your heavenly Father in the richness of relationship
  • To help us let go of your anger, pain, bondage, sin, problems, and insecurities.
  • To find and experience greater joy, contentment, peace, hope and love.
  • To  renew, revive, rejuvenate, restore, and spiritual revitalize.
  • To develop a hunger for spiritual life that is never fully satiated.
  • To know an intimate walk with God that is rich and satisfying, delightful.
  • To secure a hope that never dies, belief that keeps on believing, and a life that is real.
  • To experience a deeper steadfast faith that is not uprooted by the trials in life.
  • To desire a spiritual awakening that is supernatural and fulfilling.

Life is glorious and that is reason enough to shout it out.

  • My message is a response to God’s work in me.
  • I devote my energy to sharing spiritual truth.
  • I love God and I love His Word. This spills forth like a refreshing breeze.
  • God has show His love to me. Words fail to express how dear is His fellowship.
  • Life is joy when you live close to God.
  • God has a way of changing the smallest of encounters into a cause for celebration.
  • Everything is important when God is real in your life.
  • God is the best kind of friend.

 God doesn’t waste any experience.

 Enjoy what God sends your way: A smile,  a firm handshake, lovely flower, a blade of grass, the softness of a baby blanket, the aroma of bread as it bakes, the embrace of a friend, a healed heart, and every forgiven soul.
God bless you.

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N. L. Brumbaugh likes to write contemplative thoughts about authentic spiritual living. A lot of heart goes into every one of her posts. She is a mix of reading specialist, country woman, writer, church leader, and storyteller. Norma loves creative artistry and celebrating life.

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