Inspiring Moments for a Writer

Writers Appreciation Day

Just kidding.

Writing as a profession or hobby can be a lonely business. Writers need inspiration to keep their head in the game. Inspiration comes in many forms but the writing task is easier when positives come the writer’s way.

I started my first blog back in 2011 and published my first book in 2012. Later I purchased a domain name and set up this WordPress blog after learning some of the ins and outs from D’Vorah Lanskey, the Marketing Wizard. Most days I read four or five blogs, comment on one or two, do some editing, and work on a writing project.

The motivation to write comes from within because none of my projects are paid endeavors. I continue because I 1) like to write, 2) have a message, 3) care about my readers, 4) hope to offer content of value for an audience who needs, wants, and likes it. What inspires me to keep at it?

An inspiring moment for a writer is when–

  • someone is helped and blessed by your writing.
  • your blog sign-ups have doubled. (just happened to me)
  • someone sends you an unexpected “thank you.”
  • your son fixes your blog site issues or computer glitches. (Yay, Thomas!)
  • a new idea for an article or book fixates in your head.
  • you know something is absolutely “right.”
  • a reader leaves a comment after a post.
  • a perfect graphic is found for your next post.
  • you finish your writing ahead of schedule.
  • another blogger gives out useful information you can access and apply.
  • you learn how to do something new on the tech-y side of things.
  • somehow you connect with a group that networks with you.
  • you learn, practice, and master a new skill.
  • learning the writing craft is making inroads to better, skilled writing.
  • writing becomes part of “what you do.”
  • you establish a writing/editing/researching/publishing schedule.
  • someone asks you “What do you do?” and you can say “I’m a writer.”
  • friends and family support you and your writing, and say so.
  • inclusion in an active writing group happens for you, both locally and online.
  • you figure out your niche and learn how to dovetail your message to match.
  • it becomes apparent your brand is established and recognized.
  • you are asked to speak for a venue related to your message.
  • a blog, article, book, or related task is undertaken, completed, and well-received.
  • someone you admire and respect makes a positive comment about your writing and its content.
  • you have enough experience under your belt to coach others.
  • you make a new friend in the business.
  • you have a following that is loyal to you and your message.
  • while in writing mode, you find pleasure in what you do.
  • the cheerleaders on the sidelines don’t give up on you (especially) when you feel like giving up.
  • spiritual, divine help guides you and your message.

I encourage you to let writers know you appreciate their writing. I’m sure they could use the encouragement. Most writers maintain a blog or facebook page. Google their name.

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N. L. Brumbaugh likes to write contemplative thoughts about authentic spiritual living. A lot of heart goes into every one of her posts. She is a mix of reading specialist, country woman, writer, church leader, and storyteller. Norma loves creative artistry and celebrating life.

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2 thoughts on “Inspiring Moments for a Writer

  1. Hi.
    At a point, I began wondering if the list would be exhausted, and a river of joy burst from my heart as I realised I had ticked more than five from the list. Thank you very much, Norma. For this gift. I do hope to keep reading your posts.

    • Whew, glad some fit you and your writing. I’ve been at this awhile but the growth has been slow. I’ve wanted to hang it up on several occasions. I worry because at my age, sixth decade, it seems like time is running out. There’s so much I want to say. Wishing you the best, Michael.

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