WHEN A WOMAN FINDS HER VOICE: Overcoming Life’s Hurts & Using Your Story to Make a Difference (Leafwood Publishers , 2013)

Something happens when brokenness stains our spirits. Secret, unresolved, or lingering hurts leak into our everyday lives, filtering into everything we think we know about who we are. We tend to question our value and meaning. We feel unimportant, ‘less-than’ or ‘not good enough.’ And we fall silent.”
Everyone needs to read this book. It’s the real deal!
The stories of brave women stitch this book’s pages together in one tightly bound universal voice of praise. Jo Ann Fore weaves her personal story with the experiences of several women who have overcome the shadows of past hurts. The author shows us many who have found and experienced the freeing grace of God. In this book we find what happens when a wounded person seeks their own healing, finds freedom from their inner pain, and reaches out in love to other women by telling her story to the sisterhood. An excellent read: gripping, painful, energizing, reflective, full of hope–with a message that speaks. I purchased this book for my Book Dinner ladies and for my Bible study ladies. They were blessed and motivated through its message and to the point gut honesty. Something here for everybody.
This is what we need to become “real.” There is so much pretending . . . because we’ve been hurt, and the church isn’t necessarily a “safe” place for hurting, vulnerable, heart-stained people. Jo Ann Fore has lived this–walked this habit of silence. Sharing her own personal story as well as the inspiring stories of others, Jo Ann guides you on a journey that leads to freedom and purpose. The content helps open up the dialogue, the conversation we need to have in our churches and places of spiritual leadership.
“An important book for anyone who wants to mine the past, heal like crazy, and find joy today.”  Mary DeMuth, author of The Wall Around Your Heart.

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