Practicing His Presence (SeedSource, Reprint edition 1973)

This delightful book is also known as The Practice of the Presence of God. I have read it in two versions. There are are dozens of translations and editions to choose from. Every few years I like to read Practicing His Presence. The book may be small, but it is powerful! Brother Lawrnce practiced abiding in Christ. ‘God alone’ was his practice in every facet of life. Brother Lawrence was a cook in a monastery during the seventeenth century. In his letters and conversations, two predominate themes rise to the surface: abandoning to God and doing all things for the love of God.

[Brother Lawrence] said that only faith, hope and love had to be nourished to become utterly dedicated to the will of God. All the rest was unimportant….all things are possible to him who believes, more to him who hopes, and still more to him who practices and goes on practicing these three virtues.” (E. M. Blaiklock)

Brother Lawrence communed with God throughout the day. For him, prayer was not rote or a set aside time, it was a moment by moment experience and sometimes without words. If there was a need, he gave it to God and it worked out. This book is an encouragement to one’s faith. I highly recommend it.

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2 thoughts on “Practicing His Presence

  1. Amen. You are so right. When done for God and as an act of our love because of His love, life takes on new meaning–even in the little things…even in the difficult things–like you are discovering in your illness. That is a joyous place to be because it is not circumstantial. Thank you, Andrew.

  2. Love this book, Norma, and it’s so vital to what I am discovering, more and more, is necessary in life…that is, to do the best I can in everything, small and large, because ultimately each action is an offering to the Almighty.