The Source of Spirit and Life

God gives us Spirit and Life.

Things of the Spirit have Life in them. Isn’t that interesting? If there is little life, then, more than likely, there is little influence by the Spirit. We speak life to people when we have Life active in us. Should the Life be muted for some reason, then there is little evidence of the Spirit at work in the person’s soul. There is a lack of enlivening (people need to stop making excuses for this).


A Ministering Angel in Human Form

BOOK: Country Wisdom for Heart and Soul

TWO BACK-TO-BACK SELECTIONS from a book about life and some of its precious moments. These two were written after a talk with a concierge at a care home I routinely visited in 2014. This single older woman spent time as a volunteer at a cancer wing of a hospital in the evenings after work . She recounted two stories to me that are dear to her. The second selection is one of them.


Her smile is beautiful.

At the Right Time

Book: Country Wisdom for Heart and Soul


The man can sing.

His voice is as smooth as a lullaby. He has but one leg, the other lost long ago from a Caterpillar tractor accident. Melodies flow from his lips as he strums his guitar. The silky sound meets me.

They two are one. A few others and myself are in Sunday night church. The crowd is small. His hand softly strums the guitar. The songs are familiar to me; they hearken back to the 60s and 70s.

A Keith Green song, My Eyes are Dry, causes my forearms to tingle. I am back in the day when the artist who wrote it sang at Laxon auditorium in Chico to a college crowd. I recall his words to us.

Heart to Heart

Two Women, Two Conversations, Two Circumstances

The Easter Sunrise at my brother’s place on the hills of Red Bluff is special. We sit on folding chairs or on blankets strewn on the ground on a hill with oak trees interspersed around us. People draw stadium blankets around their legs and arms to keep warm. It is a beautiful morning. Crisp and cool. The birds are singing profusely. We face the east to watch the sunrise. My brother and wife have invited the neighbors. Many have come. I’m there with my family and a friend.

My brother says a few words and then three readers read messianic passages.

We sing a song led by my sister-in-law and her sister, as she plays the guitar, then three passages of Jesus’ words are read. We sing again, and then one more layer. The sun is coming up. We end with Morning Has Broken, one of my all time favorite songs. The sun is a full orb on the singing of the last verse. It is right on schedule. Thrilling. We appreciate the array of lavender to purple wildflowers resplendent among the grasses on the hill. There is a quietness in the air. We follow the trails down to the house where we will share a communal meal.