Life is Beautiful

My family was at a wedding a week ago; all of my five kids, my grandchildren and me. Quite a feat. It was almost three years since we had all been together. What a joy for this mama.

Only one of my five is married and she is in the middle of it with teaching her kids and taking care of her family and two dogs. She’s a fantastic (exotic) cook, too! Her husband is a military man, and he’s the best! Then my sons. One is just out of the navy. One is in the tech field and one works as a truck driver for a trash company. All are hard workers and I’m pleased with their efforts to make their own way. My youngest is in college and works at a job in the video game field. When she and I visit a restaurant, park, or store in town, people come up to her and ask her questions. They recognize her and usually want some advice on this game or that. She seems to be noticed wherever we go. It’s quite the experience for me to see my youngest make her mark in the world.

I wish they all lived around here. Alas, they don’t.

When you think of the big picture, the time of actual child raising goes by rather quickly. We are teaching and showing by our examples. We have fun and go to church and enjoy camping and so forth. One of the curious things about child rearing is what we teach our children is not always exactly what we live. That is the challenge. To be who we should be and model self control and Christian attitudes and values. Parents who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk will hit a wall some day. But all parents hit a wall some day. It is part of the process. Parents learn a lot through their parenting. Most of us have had some upsets that came with the teen years. And we’ve had the joys like a note that says, “Thanks, Mother.”

It is a good thing to let your kids know you appreciate them.

I look at my grown children and see what virtues and attitudes are present in their lives. Like my parents before me, I had hopes and dreams, wishes and wants. Some values I purposed to teach. Those mean the most to me and I am pleased when I see them surface in my children’s lives. I find that as a parent you never stop worrying and you never quit praying. That is part of being a Christian parent. The three evils–the world, the flesh, and the devil–are ever present distractions and offer temptations. One must be spiritually vigilant. That is why I pray. My kids need support and they need godly wisdom. I desire God to be an active part in their lives. They are in the middle of a battle field, and it ain’t easy, either. Prayer is God’s business. I have seen Him act in response to my prayers on a number of occasions. God is to be praised with each victory and success.

Life is beautiful.