Book Preview: Silent . Sacred . Space

A quote from Silent.Sacred.Space:


Friday night I had a revelation. I was tired and wanting solitude so I did what I often do and went and sat under a walnut tree. After sitting there awhile and enjoying the beauty and listening to the birds and the leaves rustling, I thought, this feels different. Something is different—an emptiness, a blankness—and then I realized what it was. It was a sense of no pain, no sorrowing, no hurt. For all of my married life and last year, I sought solitude to have a place where I could cry out to God (and I did!), and unload the sadness in my heart. I would cry and cry, the pain was always so unbearable—even now tears are in my eyes as I write this and remember the deep, deep well of emotions. Sitting there, free from the pain, was so different. I can’t say that I was feeling peace and joy—it was more of an absence of feeling. It was a point of realization that God truly has healed me in many respects. I am so thankful.

Private Journal 3 – Norma L. Brumbaugh

In those days.

How the Pro-Choice Agenda Failed Us: Abortion is Not the Answer

Right to Lifers are marching in Washington. They march because they are on a mission. The mission is to save babies, to save innocents, to save lives, to save baby Americans. Women and Men are marching to create awareness and to stir others to action, to stand, rather than be silent, because all lives matter, native American lives matter, black lives matter, white lives matter, unprotected vulnerable lives matter, babies with disabilities matter. They march because all babies deserve a chance at life and all should be insured the right to be born.

We as a nation are protecting a practice that flies in the face of who we are as human beings. The “right” to abort another human being defies our very right to exist. There is a reason we pledge these words …with liberty and justice for all. Let’s do right by all our children, even the unborn members of our civil society.

-This is an opinion piece-

It Was A God Thing: When Real Life Happens

“It was a God thing.” That phrase rolls off the tongue in a hurry like it was meant to be. But, really, sometimes it is a God thing. I love it when that happens. Shall I share with you three ones that recently happened to me? I think so. Hopefully they will encourage you. God is at work in both the big and little things in our daily lives.

My Recent Encounters with a “God Thing”

God Thing 1:  I’m with my Dad at the doctor’s office a few days ago. I met him there and it is a routine visit. We are both sitting in the lobby. I’m busy asking him questions when his voice hushes. “I don’t know where my car key is.” Dad is patting his pockets and truly mystified. I offer to go check by the car. The doctor’s office is a fair distance from the entry doors. I look around and then I spy the key. It’s in the car on the floor. The car is unlocked. I grab the key and then head back in.

The Saving of a Soul

Salvation of a soul is a topic of great spiritual meaning for all people. Yet it is little understood. To understand the gospel it takes a measure of belief, and it takes an even greater understanding of God Himself. Our soul is where the action takes place. One must acknowledge there is a soul in the human being. The soul is the part of us that understands concepts of right and wrong, love and hope, goodness and faith, spiritual and transcendent, of deeper meaning or devoid of meaning. For those who have journeyed into the spiritual realm and have an understanding of God, the soul and its condition is a critical consideration that means everything as we come to the end of life’s journey. It also has great meaning in our earthly days as to how we will live and whether we will follow the Savior.

As a people we are confronted with the cross upon which Jesus died.  Even though it sounds counter intuitive, the cross exemplifies life, not death. Without the cross there would be no soul-life and no Christ following, no faith-living and no anything in our spiritual journey. We are a needy people. Christ came to satisfy that need. The need was for cleansing of our sins, healing of our souls, redeeming of our soul-life, and the restoring of our lost and disconnected relationship with Father God. Parents often want good gifts for their children but that good gift may be something to be enjoyed in their future, something they cannot access now because of their immaturity. God, as well, through the death, burial, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ, gave us the best gift possible to receive, by preparing a way for us to God through accessing His healing grace for our wounded and lost souls. The truth is, we didn’t know we were lost until the light of Jesus revealed the truth to us.

We learned that Christ is real, and He is the way to life and peace.