A Place Called Sacred

Dear Father God, help me to listen. Help me to see. Help me to know You. Help me to embrace Your love. Father, I want to sense Your presence. Fill my whole self with an awareness of You.  You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are everything.


You can make your own space sacred.

What We Learn from Naomi’s Story

People often face situations in their personal lives they didn’t expect. Those times when life fails to deliver what they are aiming for, have planned on, and worked towards. Circumstances can change our future in ways we did not anticipate. Some of these events are quite painful.

Butte Creek CanyonWe learn who we are as we come to major forks in the road, when the job ends, the divorce happens, the child rebels, the illness side-lines, the business goes belly-up, or whatever the case may be.

In our story today, we meet one of those people who met disaster and personal loss with a logical, life-changing decision that demonstrates courage and grace. Scripture does not state the depth of this woman’s faith, but it is easy to tell that she has genuine faith. I see an amazing woman who grasps her reality, makes a conclusive decision, acknowledges the harshness of it all, doesn’t harbor self-pity, has the courage to move forward–without the crutch of leaning on others who are willing to help her–and moves on.

Mystery Man in the Mojave Desert: A True Story

I have a friend who had an interesting experience with a spiritual twist to it. It happened around midnight. We’ll call my friend “Ben.” He called me the next morning to tell me about it because it astounded him. He wondered what I thought, which I will tell you in a minute.

IMG_0312One little bit about the story that is the backstory to this encounter. Ben had just suffered a broken relationship that went deep. He was hurting the night he drove onto the dirt road in the middle of the desert sands.

Ben was a new believer in Christ at the time. He was absorbing the Word and changing oh so very much. I once asked him how his new faith was affecting him. He answered, “I’m not so angry anymore.” I loved his answer. I had the privilege of sharing my faith with him and got to see him grow spiritually. It was a great privilege (I mention him in my book, The Meeting Place).

Sacred Space: Enter Silence with God

I never thought I would be writing this book. This week I got to thinking about my spiritual life and what has set it apart from the ordinary. Now, that’s saying a lot and could seem arrogant, but it’s not. I could probably whittle it down to two things, and they are 1) I asked God to change me, and He did (He did the heavy lifting) 2) I developed a spiritual discipline of actively listening while in contemplative, meditative, prayerful state. The second one is what I am dubbing, Sacred Space.

10563146_10202522355134252_3765578909730957646_nWhat is a Sacred Space?

This week I started writing about creating your own Sacred Space, a place set aside for ‘sacred’ contemplative time with God. This is for meditating in uninterrupted silence through an inward practice of seeking God, a rich time alone in unscripted connection with God, where one becomes aware of His eternal essence. In my personal life, I began doing this practice many years ago when I was a teacher and four of my five children still lived at home (I was a single parent). I chose Saturday mornings for my long, alone time with God, often from when I got up in the morning until lunch time (with a break for making breakfast for the kids…pancakes on Saturday mornings).