Authenticity and God

By looking from the outside in, we can see that there is a redemptive cycle at work. This plays out in many of the daily experiences which happen in our lives. There are opportunities and times when God’s love triumphs over loss, where His peace transforms the things of earth into beauties of heaven, when a broken heart mends, and when renewal is accessed through living hope.

imageEven in nature we find our minds lift to see the order of life with its ceaseless cycles as part of God’s plan for redeeming all life for His glory. A redemptive scenario is at work every time we know of a tragedy to triumph occurrence. We can find it in the fire of destruction when we witness the mountainsides burning with forest fires, and then a year later we observe that these same hillsides sport new growth with the freshness of renewal. It is God at work within the natural renewal cycle. Death gives over to new life.

PREMISE: God has made us for relationship

The Girl is Vulnerable, Conversations with Emily (4)

The conversation continues between “Emily” and me. I continually seek to draw her out and to be of help. She mentions the book we are reading in common, “Jennifer’s” book. We continue to dialogue almost every day.  I’m starting to enjoy it by then.

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