A List of 8 Items that Changed My Life

My story is a little different. The changes in me came as a result of a vow and a list.

Teacher pic from that year.

Teacher pic from that year.

Both the vow and the list were promises I made to God from out of a wounded heart and after years of struggle. I decided that I would use anything God wanted to do in me or reveal to me for His glory, and to help others who suffer in silence.

I made the vow in February, a week after my mate chose to leave our marriage of twenty-one years.  This vow was the first step that essentially opened the door for my transformation to begin.         

How to Teach Effective Lessons for Groups

Designing and teaching effective lessons takes skill and expertise. I don’t care if it is for adults or for children, there are certain constructs and principles that comprise a well developed and well executed lesson. Teachers or leaders who do not learn how to command the attention of a listening audience will be talking over the din. Those who are not prepared well, who don’t take in to account various learning styles and mediums of presentation, will flounder as well.

I have been teaching in some capacity or other for most of my adult life. Teaching large groups is part of what I do and will probably always do. What will be shared here is a hodge-podge of effective tools I use when teaching or speaking in front of a group of children or adults. This post has no spiritual overtones but I must say, to be fair, that I would add the word prayer to each one of these strategies if I were to do so.

1. Effective Leading: