United vs Divided

WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL: United we stand, divided we fall. We are divided. Will we fall? What is our current reality and how will we approach this diversity of opinion?

We as a nation have entered a new era. First, there must be an acknowledgement of our differences and why the recent decision of our nation’s Supreme Court has repercussions for us all. There is a major shift in public opinion which is shaping a whole new generation of people. The court’s decision impacts everyone in this country. Will there be an allowance for people to conduct business according to their conscience? How will this play out for those who support gay marriage and also for those who don’t support gay marriage?

My thoughts on the changing scene:

Love-Based Prayer is Life-Giving

What is it about prayer?

I was sitting in a meeting and the subject was prayer within the context of small cell groups. Someone commented that if the prayers are not being answered then people may get discouraged and lose interest altogether in attending the prayer cells.

That could be a problem.

Others began to respond to this person’s comment, as well they should. It is quite important to have a right understanding about prayer. 

47 LOVE BOOSTERS FOR A HAPPY MARRIAGE (Feel Good Rituals Publishing, 2015)

This is a beautiful book with a beautiful message that will encourage a beautiful “happily ever after.” Love is an action word. What Marko Petkovic does in this love booster book is give us a little positive nudge in the right direction. He provides just what we need when the going gets tough in a marriage (or close relationship). In this writing, we find directions for showing love in action, tasks which are easily undertaken and happily carried out. He restores hope for those who sense that love is waning in their significant relationships. The 47 Love Boosters are ways we can communicate “I love you” to our significant other. What if you don’t have a mate? As a single who is not in a relationship, I wondered what I would gain from this book. Much, it seems. I have people I love in my life. With a little modification, I can adapt these love boosters to communicate my care, support and love in ways that will bless my friends and family. Everyone needs validation, acceptance, and love. Petkovic’s ideas are practical. They suggest fun ways to give of ourselves to bless the loved ones in our lives. This is good reading and attractively designed. Renew your closest relationship. It’s all here. Restore the love. Be intentional. Show some down-home loving in tangible ways that are irresistible. Who doesn’t like breakfast in bed? Sounds wonderful. So, do it, get busy and come alive in your relationship.

THE PROMISE OF HOPE (Guideposts Books, 2011)

This book is a collection of true life stories compiled and written by Guideposts Editor-in-Chief.  The Promise of Hope will encourage you in your walk of faith. Edward Grinnan masterfully blends several stories interspersed with a personal account of his own journey to faith. Each story that is shared has hardships that are overcome by ordinary people. Grinnan’s story, as well, keeps us wondering when he will finally come to face the truth of his own spiritual need. When the moment comes, it is compelling and makes us realize how close life and death sometimes are, when life is spiraling down and miracles are needed. It came down to such a moment for him. In this book, we see a mother’s love that sustains, continues and never gives up. We see the pain of a mysterious death. We see the hurt and denial caused by addiction. We also see the the dullness of pain and the sense of a person being lost to their own self. I am glad for this narrative. It shares the human condition in an up close and personal way. We are walking Grinnan’s journey with him and parts of it ain’t very pretty. Particularly touching (to me) was Grinnan’s account of his lost love. Somehow I could relate to his sense of loss and longing and her sense of the need to move on with life. That is a very real experience that relates to many of our painful pasts.  Most of all, I found myself encouraged by the evidence that God still calls the prodigal home. In doing so, He meets people where they’re at and makes them into people they never dreamed they would end up being; better, fulfilled, and grateful.