Vietnam War, and a Brother Lost

Listening to Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American” gives me the shivers. The song’s lyrics and the way it is sung makes me think on all that is good in America, the sacrifices of many patriots, service personnel, and citizens. The ‘City on a Hill’ as it has been depicted in the far past and by the late President Ronald Reagan.

Some believe in the United States of America. They believe She stands for something greater than herself, for justice and liberty, for freedom and inalienable rights, for goodness and rightness, for dignity and respect.

It is Memorial Day Weekend, and I have something to say.

HOPE AND HELP FOR YOUR NERVES (Batam 1st edition, Signet, 1978, 1990 Reprint)

Anyone who suffers from an anxiety related disorder will benefit from this easy-to-read helpful book. Dr. Claire Weekes demystifies the root that causes panic driven disorders. She explains the way our bodies at times become over-sensitized which causes nervous illness, an over-stimulated anxious state similar to a bad case of nerves. The nerves cause a frightening set of physical sensations. These are compounded by the mind’s relentless reminder of their presence. The author offers key solutions that offer a turn-around from the constant  suffering. Panic attacks, severe anxiety states, heart pounding and racing, fear induced sensations of nausea, insomnia, agoraphobia and such can be highly constricting to the enjoyment of life. Those of us who have suffered in such a way, know that symptoms caused by the anxiety can derail the pleasure of the smallest of outings. The heart begins to pound, the stomach begins to churn, the panic begins to surface, the fears begin to make us want to escape. We want to get away from those who might see us, and we wish to return back home to our place of safety. Weekes shows us that panic attacks and heightened anxiety is related to a constant and reinforced fear of the physical symptoms.  The sufferer learns that they can breathe through and accept their panic and quit being afraid of it.

By not fighting the panic and realizing you will be fine, by letting the panic run its course and not being frightened by it, the sufferer is able to begin shedding the layers of fear that are connected to the panic.

The Problem of Fear, Its Immobilizing Effects, and Dismantling Fear’s Hold on You

For God has not given us a Spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

The Problem of Fear

Do you feel fearful? The world has become an increasingly fearful place especially for the Christian and the marginalized. Fear has a way of breaking us down, destroying our motivation, and stunting our capacity for greater things.

My Sweet Mother, A Proverbs 31 Woman


By this time Mother was mother to four children.


Mother’s Day is a time of appreciation. I have such a wonderful mother. My time with her becomes more precious each year. I see in her the fighting spirit. Life is more complicated than it used to be. But she has a strong will to meet the challenges.