Thankful Praise

New Stuff 010Blessed be you, Lord Jesus. How truly beautiful you are. Praise to the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit.

Thank you for your plan of redemption, the living through which we may partake the hope for all generations, the light of the world—which the darkness could not comprehend. Each day is lovely with the grace of your touch. How thankful I am that I have supped at your table, enjoyed the fruit of your love, and rejoiced in your spiritual bounty. How fortunate I am.

Thank you for my parents, who opened the door to Christian truth and did so with great intention, always united in faith and hope.

For my mother, who has lost sleep when her heart was over-whelmed with concern for her children or grandchildren, praying in the early hours for our protection, strengthening, and walks with God. You have known her heartaches and sorrows, the pain and suffering of loss and of disappointment. She is steadfast, abiding in your blessedness, never turning from her faith. And my father, a man of honor , duty, and integrity. His graciousness is a gift to all of us in the family.

I’m forever grateful. Without your Cross, the Christian standard, life would be much different for me.

Come and adore Him, Bow down before Him, Jesus our King.
† † †