Take the Character Test, Are You a Person of Character or Not?


I guess I’m a little old fashioned.

Character matters. There are some things I miss in this day and age. I miss the old days when a person’s word was their bond, when a handshake meant good faith that each person would keep their agreement. I miss people being honest, valuing integrity, and honorable in action and deed, when lying was considered a sin and not part of doing business, an excuse for covering one’s tracks, as in the ‘end justifies the means.’ I dislike the term “I lied,” spoken so easily and frequently by people from all walks of life, who don’t think twice about the lies they tell to make the story jive for their benefit.

What Defines You? A Spiritual Contemplation


Should our circumstances define us or should our walk with God define us? I have noticed that people blame more readily than accept that which is part of the struggle of life especially in human relationships. What they believe and what they do are often at odds. I assume this means that the belief is not fully in God. Blame, which produces resentment, can cause a rut that one lives and lives and relives and gets stuck in. Unforgiveness is sustained in the heart when pain has enclosed one’s spirit. A refreshing of God is needed big time. God tells us to forgive those who have trespassed against us. But how? I believe it takes God helping us if we are willing to let him. We must also let go of the anger we feel toward the person who injured us emotionally or physically. We need to be who God wants us to be whether or not the other person or persons chooses to own up. I know it is possible, and I also know that it is not easy. It takes an act of God with a focus on him rather than focusing on the cause. He is greater than any circumstance or hurt even the ugliest ones of all.  God wishes to change this self-protective mode of living.

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PROOFREADING SECRETS of BEST-SELLING AUTHORS (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, 2014)

Write it Wrong or Write it Right?

The journey of a writer, author, proofreader or editor is not without its challenges. Knowing what to use and when to use it may be perplexing at times.  This book takes out the guess work by helping us figure it out.      

Kathy Ide instructs her readers by showing the best ways to make language speak, of course, by writing it right! Proofreading Secrets of Best-Selling Authors provides a useful tool as a resource for implementing correct and effective written language. This book is a treasure. Its content contains writing information that answers the writer’s questions. It includes mechanics with explanations, grammatically correct rules with examples,  and a direct correlation to The Chicago Manual of Style, all packaged up in a user friendly format.      

The author, Kathy Ide, is a teacher and entrepreneur and founder of the ChristianPEN, an organization which helps writers, proofers, and editors improve their writing skills. She is vested in communicating appropriate writing skills, processes, and basic core knowledge at a professional level expected by the writing and publishing industry.  Her students will develop the skills necessary to edit and produce books which will stand up with the best of them. This is a resource that delivers the goods and then some.       

Indie Speak: Is Writing a Sprint or a Marathon?


IMG_1837 editA SPRINT? There are some prolific writers out there. They wow us with their ability to produce material and to do it rapidly, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Goodness. They truly amaze. They know how to sprint to the finish line and get the job done in mere seconds (days). They have learned how to do it, hire the babysitters, hire out certain tasks, make connections, get up in the wee hours, make every minute count…yada, yada, yada. It has to take passion and determination to work so hard and do so much and with lots of energy. The quick finishers have an advantage. They get the book done in a hurry, and another, and another.  Doing it well is the challenge, but they have resources that help them. I do believe living a disciplined life is essential for the sprinter. They must know what they are about–translated–the confidence to do it.

A MARATHON? Then there are the rest of us. We are the  marathoners. It takes us a long time to do the job, but we sustain the effort, pace ourselves for the long haul, keep hydrated, and do it and do it well. It’s not just about finishing the race, but it’s about how we run the race. Learning and doing, learning and doing, improvement and application, improvement and application. It just keeps on building, a layer upon another layer until we start gaining ground on our opponents, even winning a race once in awhile. We notice our competitors. There’s the in-born natural talent, and then there’s the hard work variety, sometimes both together.  The marathon writers hone their skills and do whatever it takes to endure to the end, even when the side is aching, the legs are burning, and the mouth is dry.

PREPARATION. It has a lot to do with how you prepare and what you have eaten. Like the athlete, we must keep ourselves current and in shape or the industry will leave us behind. In a sense, I think writing is a marathon for both groups because it is ever changing. Endurance is a required ability for the writer, one that is gained and developed over time. In writing, the person who wants to make it, must be able to improve, learn, and then sustain the effort. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.