IMG_1330 editLife is interesting.

We start at different places, are born into a family, some more dysfunctional than others, some religious and some not. Mine was devout, very much so. My childhood was defined by three major areas: family, farming, and church. It was a good life.

Welcome to my author site.


I’m glad you stopped by to see my author site where I will be posting blogs a couple of times a week and sharing with you my writing adventures (and new books!). You may expect to see some tidbits of wisdom, added on to some general happenings, mixed liberally with uplifting spiritually-centered thoughts, and topped off with some homespun story telling. I promise you, you will not be bored. I intend to give you some good stuff worth turning over in your mind for a few minutes. Some may even help you with your challenges. I’ve learned a lot that I am eager to share. In fact, that is the reason I write. God has given me something to say, and I am being a good steward with what he has given me. Much of what I have learned came the hard way. It is the nuts and bolts of living life as an overcomer. The healing and freedom I found has changed my life. I am humbled and thankful that new beginnings do happen, and a new day is here.

I’m a storyteller at heart, always looking for the lesson that teaches underneath every daily occurrence. I’m looking forward to sharing many joyous moments that speak to the blessings of life. My country girl background gives its perspective, and my love for the Lord seems to find a way to shine out.  Reflective thoughts will come along side in splashes of quiet delight. Come along for the ride … or should I say, pack for the journey.

Have a great day,